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YDG Custom Corporate Apparel specializes in the development and production of quality custom apparel. Corporate Apparel and Garments

How many times must a prospect see your name or hear your message before they remember who you are and what you stand for? Twenty years ago, that number was three. Today, with the enormous amount of information available and the massive variety of information sources out there, it now takes seven exposures before your message hits the mark.

We know this. And, we know how to help you get more exposure with one high-quality item than you’d ever dreamed possible.

It is called custom apparel. Our small minimums combined with our handpicked network of quality driven manufacturers make customization easier and more affordable than you might have ever imagined. And we’re not talking about just a shirt, jacket or baseball cap with your logo slapped on it. Through our sources, we can offer you an extensive array of both knit and woven fabric options.

Our goal at YDG International is to satisfy each one of our customers by creating a relationship instead of just one sale. We do that by offering quality, variety and value every time.

At YDG International, we will take that one item and allow it to sing your name often enough that your prospects will never forget who you are.

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We can help you deliver a unique selection of unsurpassed quality promotional apparel to your customers. We can make private label manufacturing a reality for you through our network of quality-conscious manufacturers. We can help both individuals and companies with custom apparel for their special events, promotions, or uniform needs. Promotional Companies Retail Stores Individuals and Companies